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About SMRTGrid

SMRTGrid has been developing the first purpose-built, full-service power grid map monitoring system since 2017. Over our four years of development, we've gone through pilot testing, the IP 67 certification process, the Verizon Certification & the FCC certification process, and real-world testing with a major utility company. 
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When you become a SMRTGrid client, you buy into a company  that provides you with a highly intelligent grid monitoring and alerting solution that reduces costs and saves human resources. Let us use our new technology to save your power company $millions in grid maintenance and restoration costs.

SMRTGrid also isn't entirely focused on power lines and poles. We're actively developing technology for first responders, fire detection, agriculture, and oil/gas production. We're also developing technology for weather and data management fields. Each of these new technologies is entering serious testing and will become technologically mature enough to deploy soon. If you would like to invest or start a pilot program, please reach out!

The SMRTGrid team is well equipped to meet the goals we've set. Our leadership represents almost a century of collective experience in software, management, entrepreneurship, investment, tech consulting, software tech consulting, marketing, and engineering team management and development.

Brian Brandt, CEO, and founder has spent his career in high tech, from Microsoft launch teams, over 100 venture backed startups, and work in technology commercialization for Fortune 500 companies.  Our CTO, Jamie Hale, has run $billion manufacturing operations and managed dozens of engineering teams. Tom Vaughn, CFO, is a 40 year veteran of investment banking and finance. Dave Martin, COO, has decades of experience in product management and publicly traded companies. 

Together, the four principals of SMRTGrid and the hardware and software engineering teams are positioned perfectly to help you solve a range of monitoring and response challenges using the latest IIoT technology.