Investor Relations

Why Make SMRTGrid Your Next Investment? 
When you back SMRTGrid, you're not backing a promise—you’re backing a reality. 

Our IIoT communication platform is ready and real world tested, and we are in revenue.  And the utility industry is highly focused on adding our kind of grid intelligence to the grid.  Invest in a company that has meticulously invested in with real-world, rigorous testing and partnerships with industry-leading companies like Verizon. SMRTGrid is primed to help utilities significantly reduce costs, quickly recover from catastrophic grid failures, and manage natural disaster recoveries more effectively. 

When you back SMRTGrid, you're backing a business investment opportunity that provides a proven solution to a billion-dollar problem.

SMRTGrid's potential Return on Investment (ROI)

During the development phase of SMRTGrid, we took great care when estimating our ROI and profitability. We gathered budget and technology adoption curve information on every power utility within the continental United States. Our ROI numbers for utilities are based on in-person interviews with the technology adoption decision makers at multiple utilities. 
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$1B Potential in Five Years From 20% of Early Adopter Power Grids

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$20B Early Adopter Sales Potential

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$60B TAM Market Potential

If our early adopter market segment purchases SMRTGrid sensors for just 20% of the poles on their power grid, SMRTGrid will realistically pass $1 billion sales in in five years. If SMRTGrid reaches 100% adoption on early investor poles, we'll pass $20 billion. If SMRTGrid achieves full adoption across the United States, you'll have invested in a $60+ billion business. 

We believe that the earning potential from just one of SMRTGrid’s verticals makes us an easy choice for looking for the next big thing.   It won't be a "10 to 1 in three years" holy grail investment, but it's based on rock solid tech, and an industry headed strongly in our direction.