Chemical-Drift Detection

Protect Your Crops From Careless Neighbors

When your farm needs a protected ecosystem, it's good to have insurance. SMRTGrid's sensors will detect herbicide and pesticide drift around your farm.  We can help deter your neighbors from careless spraying and provide accountability—if needed.  

We have worked with organic- and other high-value farms in the past, and have witnessed the pain that irresponsible neighbors can cause when spraying crops. Don't let a negligent neighbor jeopardize your crop yield or your organic farming certification.
Herbicide Sprays


SMRTGrid understands that agricultural workers value reliability. We've built our sensors to stand against the harshest conditions in your climate.
  • An IP 67 rating will withstand torrential rains and dust blown in from your fields
  • Reliable operation in temperatures ranging from -40F to 140F
  • Solar power and batteries for always-on performance
If you work in agriculture, you need worry-free tools. Your SMRTGrid communication and sensor system will continue to feed you live updates for 72-90 hours without sun. So, even if your sensor's solar panels are covered in dust, protection will continue for days.


We are currently exploring an OEM deal to manufacture our herbicide drift sensing technology.